Police Brutality in it’s finest hour………

Police officers have become increasingly brutal in recent years.
As this video shows, Law Enforcement Agencies around the country have stooped to new lows in order to intimidate the public at Large.

Issuing Corporal Punishment and using their badges to subdue the public into submission, with a lack of any criminal culpability, will only enhance their belief that the Authority vested in them is in fact a license to become Judge, Jury and Executioner at their whim.


None of the bystanders seemed afraid or in fear of this Senior Citizen, they seem to be more concerned about her welfare and safety than that of their own.
I’m sure that she had no ill intent toward anyone, and it’s evident that she was disoriented and confused.
However, once Law Enforcement is on the scene, no matter what the facts, or obvious situation, the Police go into combat mode. They have no time, or tolerance for the people they swear to serve. It’s obey my order, or “Else”.

The “Else” is usually followed by some type of brutality, resulting in the injury and in some instances Death of the perceived violator.
This Female Officer
in the video is obviously Larger, Younger and Healthier than the 84 yr old Perpetrator that she is performing her newest WWE move on.
I wonder if the Officer’s Grandma, or Mother taught her this tactic? I wonder if this Officer would approve of her own Grandma, or Mother being treated this way?
I think not !!!!!
Cops are being trained to use Military style tactics on American Citizens.
Just Look at your local Sheriff’s Deputy and his daily uniform, he is better armed than any of our troops overseas, and instead of being a Peace Officer, He/She has been trained to be a Warrior.
Not a warrior and defender of our borders, our Constitutional Bill of Rights, our freedoms, but as a warrior against citizens that abhor the police state.

The fact that this happened to an elderly woman should promote absolute outrage at this Officer, her Police Dept. and her City.
This was an obvious abuse of power, a Draconian form of Law Enforcement not unlike the Roman Vigiles a Police Force
coupled with Fire Fighters in ancient Rome. They were Privately Owned Slaves that did the owner’s bidding and were trained privately to enforce the wishes of whatever the Owner wanted.
Police and Security Firms are often well Unionized, which means they are privately owned.
They sell their services to localities and in turn police the citizenry.
Therefore I submit to you that their allegiance is to those that pay their salaries, and not to the People at Large.
This Video proves that Law Enforcement is at war with the U S Citizen, because Law Enforcement has an agenda.
That Agenda is Money and the Corporate takeover of Law Enforcement.
We have allowed Banks to regulate our money, they are corrupt, we have allowed Insurance Co. to regulate our health, if we allow Law Enforcement to regulate our Humanity, God forbid, It is already corrupt and Bankrupt.
Write this Police Officer’s City Counsel, tell them to fire this Neanderthal, and to restore public confidence in Law Enforcement.


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