The Unconstitutional 4th Branch of Government

I used to watch Glenn, just as I did Hannity and O’reilly and the other so called Pundits. I am a Libertarian however and I started to realize that these folks are all part of a much grander scheme. It’s all Propaganda all the time. These folks are Neo-Cons and are all part of the Industrial/Military/Corporate/Banking Cartel. Just as the MSNBC, CBS, ABC, affiliates lean more toward the Socialist/Progressive agenda.

How dare you tell me to shut up, when I am telling you to Shut Up !

, bought and payed for by their Media Pimps. Depending on which Corporation owns which news channel, you will ultimately find that behind the facade lies a much sinister motive. NBC for example, owned by GE certainly needs to promote their agenda and needs to get their Politicians into office so they can lobby them so that they will secure various lucrative contracts with the government, on the other hand, News Corp which is owned by Murdoch, whom has his hands in many other Business ventures needs to promote his Political Whores in order to do the same. That in turn leads us to the Left/Right Paradigm, which is a tactic as old as Genghis Khan. Divide and Conquer. It is no different than what the NFL does. The NFL Corporation regulates all the teams, and by propaganda create the individual team rivalries that in turn produce a fan base that also generates revenue by promoting the sale of paraphernalia, tickets, T-shirts, Logos, trademarked items, etc… In the end of the season it’s down to the 2 best teams, hence the Super Bowl. In Politics there is not much difference as the MSM all year promotes and creates rivalries with characters like Bradshaw, Boomer, Brown et al as the pundits, selling O’reilly coffee cups, Beck’s plagerized books, Hannity’s concerts, ad nauseum. What bothers me most is that my brothers and sister in this country are so delusional that they fail to see the obvious.
100 yrs ago the Press was supposed to be the truth finders, the people’s Political watchdog, the sentry’s of integrity. Today these Anchors are nothing more than Government/Corporate Prostitutes making outrageous payrolls and laughing all the way to the cathouse. Glenn Beck included.


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  1. ….what can be said…you said it…

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